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Authentic Artifacts from Roger Maris's Career

In addition to video of Roger’s feats – including footage of the famed No. 61 in 1961 – the museum displays items from each year and every aspect of Roger’s athletic career, from high school to the pros.

Museum artifacts include:

View highlights of Roger's career while sitting on seating from Yankee Stadium during Roger's era A replica of Roger's Yankee locker displays jerseys and other miscellaneous items Replica of the monument to Roger erected by the New York Yankees on
July 21, 1984
The museum contains artifacts from Roger's professional and amateur careers S. Rae Hickok Professional Athlete of the Year Award 1961 was stolen July 26, 2016. We continue to celebrate Roger and all of his accomplishments knowing that, the title of athlete of the year in 1961 can never be taken away. A portrait of Roger presides over his Sultan of Swat Crowns
Cleveland Indians uniform worn by Roger during the 57-58 season Kansas City Athletics uniform worn by Roger during the 58-59 season St. Louis Cardinals uniform worn by Roger during the 67-68 season
A sampling of autographed home
run baseballs
A mix and match hands-on piece to enjoy while visiting the museum Portrait of Roger in his New York uniform
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