West Acres

West Acres: The Beginning

William (Bill) Schlossman's vision of a retail center was realized on August 2, 1972, when he and a team of local partners opened West Acres Shopping Center.

Bill Schlossman

The plan for West Acres began in 1967 when Bill wanted to build a retail center in downtown Fargo. When that idea was rejected by the city, he purchased a wheat field at the crossing of I-29 and 13th Avenue South in Fargo.

Bill and his partners faced many obstacles, including obtaining financing, securing tenants, and completing off-site improvements such as sewer, water, and roads. In fact, 13th Avenue South, which connected West Acres to Fargo, was not paved until two years after the Mall opened! West Acres opened with 52 stores in approximately 230,000 square feet, plus two department stores (note that at the time, Fargo was more than a mile away from the Mall).

West Acres construction site

Nearly 40 years and minor and major renovations later, West Acres is home to more than 120 stores that encompass approximately 950,000 square feet. West Acres truly is the shopping destination of the upper Midwest.

  • August 2, 1972: West Acres Shopping Center opens with 52 retailers, including Sears and deLendrecie's
  • 1973: Dayton's opens its first store outside Minnesota at West Acres
  • 1979: JCPenney opens, and the mall expands
  • 1998: Herberger's purchases the deLendrecie's store
  • 2000: Construction of a 750-seat Food Court and a complete mall renovation begins
  • 2001: Dayton's becomes Marshall Field's
  • 2001: Food Court opens
  • 2006: Marshall Field's becomes Macy's
  • 2010: Forever 21 opens its first store in North Dakota at West Acres
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